『The Fallen』





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Woke up at 2

I am still awake

This sucks

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My English teacher wants us to write about a time we've struggled in our lives

but I got there eventually!

Now I just want to sleep

Had to look up how to outline a chapter


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I am never never going into business

That shit is stressful and so much calculating

The Fallen is good at math

but not that kind

Also English teacher gave our class a reward!


New semester started!

The only chabge is that I am in communications

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some cute songs i've been listening to:

6. Cologne : beabadoobee

7. Let's Go Surfing : The Drums

8. This Is Me Breaking Up With You : Hey Violet

9. Campus : Vampire Weekend

10. I Love You Like A Brother : Alex Lahey

1. strawberry chainsaw : JAWNY

2. Mako : Ax and the Hatchetman

3. Cocollala : Phoneboy

4. I Just Think That You're Cute : Scarlet Drive

5. OhNo! : Kevin Walkman // MICKEY DARLING


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Woke up this morning really wanting a moster

Last day of the semester!

Hopefully I don't fail any classes last minute

Got a shirt from my friend! It's so cute, it has pikachu and eevee on it!

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Hello to anyone reading this ^^

This is my first public post

so i am a little nervous 。゚・ (>﹏ <) ・゚。

I passed my math final!!!!


"Don't let the past drag you down and don't let the future frighten you. Just live in the presenr and enjoy it"

I got a 93.8 (☆^O^☆)