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Had our very last club meeting with all of the original members.

It was super fun, but it makes me super sad thinking about how all of us probably won't ever meet again. It was fun while it lasted, but life happens and people have to leave

I just wish we had more time.

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Watched 'Jennifer's Body' yesterday. I had heard before that it was good, but it was better than I thought it would be.

The acting in my opinion was top tier, escpecially the part where Chip is dying. I was expecting the typical awkward acting that felt out of place, but no.

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Think I may have ducked up my shoulder

It's in so much pain even tho I stretched it out beforehand

It's so bad I wasn't really able to practice with it

Shoulder Pain

Me just wanting to play volleyball

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Finished The Superior Spiderman

Doc Oc is mind swapped with Peter

and he tries to be a better person

but he ends up royally fucking over

his life.

Really good read tho

It's kinda crazy

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Been a while since I've used this

But Guilty Gear was released on the xbox

Nothing much has happened recently

and not just as a demo

So I thought I'd drop in


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Another One Done

He isn't in FE Heroes,

So there's only low quality pixel art of him

Finally I have a transparent cut out of my boy

And basically a pokemon card of him

(which is what this is from)

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Figured out a hood way to cut out pictures

So now I'm probably going to go ham

Do as many as I can before I get tired of it

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Started playing Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword

And I am going Insane over this man

His little wizard dance

And his reluctant to be here attitude?

But why the hell did he have to have such a stupid name?

I mean Erk? What kind of name is Erk?

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Don't feel like breakfast this morning

but i know i'll regret by the time english rolls around :/

guilty gear!!!

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Guilty Gear -Strive-

It's finally on the xbox

I am losing my shit rn

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Woke up at 2

I am still awake

This sucks

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My English teacher wants us to write about a time we've struggled in our lives

Now I just want to sleep

Had to look up how to outline a chapter


but I got there eventually!

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I am never never going into business

That shit is stressful and so much calculating

The Fallen is good at math

but not that kind

Also English teacher gave our class a reward!


New semester started!

The only chabge is that I am in communications

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some cute songs i've been listening to:

6. Cologne : beabadoobee

7. Let's Go Surfing : The Drums

8. This Is Me Breaking Up With You : Hey Violet

9. Campus : Vampire Weekend

10. I Love You Like A Brother : Alex Lahey

1. strawberry chainsaw : JAWNY

2. Mako : Ax and the Hatchetman

3. Cocollala : Phoneboy

4. I Just Think That You're Cute : Scarlet Drive

5. OhNo! : Kevin Walkman // MICKEY DARLING


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Woke up this morning really wanting a moster

Last day of the semester!

Hopefully I don't fail any classes last minute

Got a shirt from my friend! It's so cute, it has pikachu and eevee on it!

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Hello to anyone reading this ^^

This is my first public post

so i am a little nervous 。゚・ (>﹏ <) ・゚。

I passed my math final!!!!


"Don't let the past drag you down and don't let the future frighten you. Just live in the presenr and enjoy it"

I got a 93.8 (☆^O^☆)