cade :3





this is ded

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i mean me. not the site

i mean no im not dying or anything i just mean im leaving. uhh yeah! id kill my account but i acc dont know how. or if i can.

see ya :3!!!!!

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blogging am i right?

i never know what to say.

tomorrow, i go back to my dreadful everyday once again. hm.

its not too bad though, im kind of used to it.

doesnt mean i dont dislike it, but i know theres not much i can do about it.

my throat hurts.

hello world!

its the one and only!

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jeeeesus! im here now, i suppose.

shall i ever truly find where i belong? no. im an alien, everywhere i go. its a bit sad, but i dont mind.

hello, peeps. im the one and only, cade houser! :D

you may know me from: being weird online, being silly online, being evil online, or maybe a drawing of a guy in a dress you saw under a tumblr tag once.

i........ have been searching for a safespace online pretty much....... my entire time ive BEEN online! i have found nothing. it sucks.

and in my forever search, ive found toons of blogging sites. this one catched my eye because, hey, i love customization and colors! like a lot. like a lot lot. i am an artist after all.

(image unrelated)

anyhow, i suppose i should introduce myself. my name is cade, im a he/they. i like making no sense and fitting nowhere. i like to be weird odd silly evil whimsy, alllll that.

my gender and general identity are so mysterious that even i dont know. but as of now im just achillean. funnily enough, im also chilean! that is not a mystery though.

also im autistic

things i enjoy are making drawings and arts and characters and.... well i dont do much else other than consume media.

my favorite games are: resident evil, dark deception, spookys jump scare mansion, anything by puppet combo, welcome to the game, scrutinized, killer frequency, silent hill, cry of fear, and afraid of monsters.

but i like every horror game. no matter how bad it is.

mainly videogames (i am a gamer dog)

of course, everyone that knows me at all knows i have an insane and not normal obsession with horror games. it has been this way since i found out what a horror game was and at this point theres just nothing i can do about it.