I think this is a thought train

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Ummmm I just finished this and I’ve started jojolion. Me and my roommate have 3 cats now!! I can’t be bothered to try putting in more pictures you know what I just did it just now. Really getting into gardening and house plants (definitely not doing the pictures of those) and I’ve harvested a bunch already. I feel anxious so I’m just gonna stop typing. I missed this website! I’m going to scroll on here now.

HEY HEy goodnight

your post helped me

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okayyyy its very comforting to read thru other people's posts. i have been off social media for a long time and cant bring myself to hang with friends irl, so its nice to see everyones ramblings and complex thoughts and stuff. thanks!!! idk if this makes sense but it makes me feel human while i'm reading them. i want to make art multiverse posts but later because im so sleepy

im okay but im not :/

a call… for… something…,., lollll

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i actually genuinely feel like poo

and like the world is ending

but if i were to die, its a given that least one person would be sad

and i dont want that


if any of u are thinking similar thoughts, pls stay alive for that one person

i know i have to

uhhhh uhhh

im nervous

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omg. hello.

then i found all of u cool guys!!! this is my first post.


i have been surfing the web nonstop since i first entered the html wormhole around 2 weeks ago....

i do art and i do tattoos sometimes but i should be looking for another job.... lazyyyy...*** and incredibly sad... u guys get it

i like to write music with my friends as well. thank u for reading! :)

these are my flash sheets. i don't have anything else on my compooter at the moment ///

*EDIT: sorry that second part was cringe. my parents are rich