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i've been really in the flow of making things and putting stuff out there since quitting social media. i realized i was trying to create perfect products at this unbelievable pace, not giving myself the space to figure out how to create something meaningful to my heart. i was allured by the promise of connecting with others through my work but found myself comparing myself to literal advertisements.

i love love love making music lately. i feel out of control in the process but in a good way. i feel like im witnessing a part of me that is still evolving and growing more and more every time i allow it to flow through. it makes me accomplished in a different way then drawing does. check it out if you like ethereal ambience and cyber feelings

devil software @ soundcloud

i also started working on my neocities! i have a lot of ideas for it and i'm very excited. trying to take it slow and be patient so i don't burn out, but it's one of my favorite projects to work on right now. i don't want to give a definite date on when my website will be ready, but i know it'll be before this summer for sure.

v happy. v excited. have a good night

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1. 16. 23

synthesizers changed my life. i think about them almost everyday. lately i've been experimenting with noise more. i usually use an ms-20 mini, however i recently started using reaktor 6 to start exploring fully modular synthesizers. i'm fascinated in the amount of customization that's possible in a modular rig but i still have a very soft spot for my ms-20. it's the first instrument that i felt really attached to. there's just something really special about these little machines. playing with oscillators is a form of mindfulness for me. i'm not someone who believes in god but if you were to ask me for proof of one i'd point you to a synthesizer.

reaktor 6

noise music is really popular where i live. majority of the underground scene is harsh noise. it's how a lot of electronic artists start i guess. i like making noise, because i like pretty textures. i personally don't do well boxing myself into singular genres.

there are definitely trends in noise music. i think despite the name and the grungy nature of the genre it still craves experimentation and innovation. that's fine though, i think that's how art of every genre is. especially music. music being a timeless conversation innovation is a sign of engagement and new ideas. it reflects an evolving society and the human desire for connection.

harsh noise is a part of my self care. it helps me stay in a very zen mind state because it is a direct outlet for a lot of unresolved anger i hold in my body. i come into these projects with a lot of tension in my forehead and jaw, but as i work on it i feel a massive sense of euphoria and relief. sometimes i feel better before i finish the project, so i set it to the side until i need that kind of healing again.

splicing and editing improv

not enough distortion

while i don't really believe in identity i think the luxury to have a voice, literal or instrumental, is not something to be taken for granted.

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1. 11. 23

i've been sketching more because i want to draw for myself again

here are a few

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1. 8. 23

i have been creatively blocked for a couple of years now. investing energy into social media is my biggest regret. i find myself questioning my instincts more and more as time goes on. i feel bad for people who never got to experience a non-corporate internet. i can't imagine being wired to crave external validation so early in life. i'm grateful that i have a reference on what it was like to be young and in love with yourself. there is something very childlike and free about being in love with your own ideas.

this year i fully commit to expressing myself without bounds. i will create more and dig deeper into the parts of myself i have deemed evil. i have no intention to be a new version of myself, but embody someone who was there all along. for the first time in my life i am very aware how easy it is to lose yourself in the real world, and no longer am allowing myself to be tethered to it.