Will you dance?

take a chance on romance and a big surprise

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it's very ironic that prior to the accident the Titanic was hailed to be "Unsinkable", that "God himself cannot sink this ship". that in itself sounds prophetic to me...

“Will you dance, will you dance?

Smell of caviar and roses"


“if you and I”

“Boring though it may be

Who’ll survive"

"Someone is waiting

Over by the window,

just beyond the stairwell

someone’s crying"

“How romantic to be whoring”


“Teach your children all the poses

How familiar are we all?..."

some people can sense the danger and couldn't sleep, so they went out to the hall and thereby saved themselves

“Someone’s using.

Most amusing.”

...lining up for lifeboats

“Drowning in the words of the prophets

that are written for the dead and the dying

Someone’s lying. No one’s buying.”

(but like they're literally drowning, because... you know.)

“Someone is dying.

Panic in the streets

Can’t get no relief,

someone escaping”

i've been reading a bunch of Titanic survivor testimonies, and something that really strucked me is just how oblivious people were, especially the first-class passengers. people knew that the ship ran into an iceberg but they thought that has been taken care of.

a typical night in one of the giant luxury dining rooms: everyone dressed in their most expensive gown/suit for a 12-courses dinner, a ballroom party with champagne and a quartet playing Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi. "Smell of caviar and roses, teach your chilren all the poses".

“Will you dance, will you dance?

Light fantastic in the morning"

people who, even when told to put a lifesuit on, thought that it was just "the English being formal". people who hesitated stepping into a lifeboat, still skeptical if the ship was sinking or not.

disclaimer: i've never watched the movie. one thing i've watched is this food history video that imo has better history lectures than any media about the Titanic I've ever came accross. +1 for dramatic delivery and +2 for yummy food. you can also use this link for the direct timestamp of the history part.

or check out Sinking of the Titanic on Project Gutenberg.

most the images here were taken from this article.


for some reasons, this song always remind me of the Titanic. not Titanic the tragedy only known and remembered as a fatal failure in steamship design. not Titanic the symbol of surplus wealth and luxurious flex to indulge the richest of the riches. but both at the same time.

“Waiting on a line

for the holy revolution

Parading illusion”