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if you need a good story, i highly recommend

pleas e... anime or manga, both are very different and so completely worth the watch. ive been sitting on this for years and im still upset it didnt get a season 2 just cus it isnt popular enough. lol.

i dont recommend googling it before reading/watching because SPOILERS EVERYWHEREE, but i will warn that there is death and gore [tho it isnt heavy gore, mostly just blood and wounds]. it is mainly a psychological horror after all .,.. but the beginning is very very important n i believe it is best to go in blind !!

bc the anime was short, there r more characters in the manga and the story is more extensive. however, the anime is still just as important n i think if U want a shorter story w just as much emotion, it is perfect for U . that being said., i do prefer the manga a lot more ... the story gets to me more than the anime. both made me cry doe. i wanna make sure thats clear lol.

give it a chance ...i promise it is worth, fr.