cleaning my depression room

and a room tour kind of?

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well, not just today. in reality it took me about a month? i had this terrible habit of starting to clean it and then getting distracted halfway through. i said i'd finish it later, then i'd leave it in a half-cleaned state, with piles of items and clothes everywhere! but i was able to complete it this time, whew! i know it might not look like much, but it's made me feel a lot better.

i cleaned my depression room today!

some clothes also went in this white dresser (and check out my board!)

i started by picking all the clothes off my floor, washing them, and then hanging them up in my closet, sorted by type. i also installed some remote-controlled LED lights in my pitch-dark closet!

i then rearranged ALL of my furniture. now i have a clothing area, a music area, a desk area, and my bed! i also unboxed some stuff that'd been sitting around for a while, like my cricut, mic arm, and shelf!

<- failed attempts at cleaning :( ->

(it was even worse before i started though!)

most of the rest of the cleaning was dividing up small items and knick-knacks into piles and finding places for them. this was honestly the most draining part (aside from rearranging the furniture by myself!)


the last thing i took care of was my desk. i still need to work on some cable management lol! my pc is under construction, so stay tuned for that!!!! i'm really excited mwahaha.

i already showed an "after" photo at the beginning, but here are two more from other angles!



evergreen's cleaning playlist:

my melodica, new shelf, cassette collection, harmonica...

thanks for reading! see ya next time!

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hello there - casiopea

tokai - taeko onuki

tandem - halcali

only acting - kero kero bonito

to do:

- get rug

- finish pc

- paint walls

- be rid of cart

- curtain tiebacks

- reorganize bathroom

- replace light fixture