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BRAIN: autism, adhd, depression, anxiety, OSDD-1b, dissociation, delusional disorder

KIN: fallen angel soul fusion

SYSTEM INFO: our system has had 4 host changes('brain splits' as we call it, since this current split has stress in relation to hosts and refuses to associate with the term) since around age 12. theres more alters in this split than there ever has been(as far as we know. there couldve been more but we didnt properly journal before and experience memory problems, so we only have few evidence to go off of). theres 3 subsystem categories, each a spectrum of genders and identities, as well as the subsystems being on a spectrum. lots of line spectrums.

SOCIAL MEDIA: tumblr @fairys-dream (lots more info)

>>this is a cool looking site so far

>>i like how u can format the post however u want....

>>ig i should make a post abt myself

NAME: fairy moonlight of neptune

AGE: 20

SIGN: pisces(february)

TYPE: infp + infj

COLORS: lilac, baby pink, coral blue, pastel aqua, lemon yellow, mint green

ASSOCIATIONS: water, coral reefs, dreams, seapunk, cats/bunnys, technology, angels, kawaiicore

PRONOUNS: she + they

GENDER: transsexual transfem autigender aigender glitchgender fallenangelgender nonbinary girl

SEXUALITY: gay ace-bisexual