Binder time

And welcome back multiverse

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Btw, welcome back multiverse, gave me quite a scare being down for so long

I'd like to dedicate this momentous occasion to Sonic the Hedgehog

Vent maybe?

Ome wanted some dinosaurs

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I really wish things were less complicated sometimes.

Had to cut contact with two long-time close friends because of a mess between them that I was caught in the middle of and now I'm just kind of lost. Oh well, life moves on.

The transition period between losing a trusted space and having to find a new one is always the lowest. But it's probably for the best I left and let them keep their own space instead.

At least we started cooking! Theo would probably like the fact if not for him having to clean up that one time water boiled over from the pasta when we went to the bathroom. Oops.

Alter that feels comfortable being angry save me


And also sepsis update

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Someone remind me to get work done on my site once I'm not sick anymore because I need to update my gallery especially. After that I might open shimeji commissions... Think that'd be fun.

I went with hotglue instead of neocities in that time. I guess I'm pretty shit at figuring out relative positioning from guesses alone, so hotglue was the more solid decision for my needs. Tragically, it does not scale with monitor resolutions unless I code positioning myself. So in the end I kind of fucked myself over anyways. Oh well, I don't aim to switch at the moment, and I'm sure it's not as big of a deal as it feels. It's only a major problem on 4k resolutions, really. Speaking of, you're free to check the space out!


Life has been a bit crazy after I ended up in the hospital for three months due to sepsis. Things have been better, but my health needless to say has definitely took a hit probably for the rest of my life. I have to stay on BP meds (beta-blockers) or else my heart starts going haywire, but sometimes the meds make me lightheaded haha. Guess the whole mess put an indefinite hold on any web creation projects.


test post hi hello!

I’ll look at this post funny in a few months I bet

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First post here, mostly to test thing out! Maybe I'll do an intro at some other point. Got here from Yesterlinks (which is insanely fun to traverse), but registering on the site took a Discord detour to make work.

have a tails i did in ms paint :3

I'm getting into Neocities and am passionate about old web and creative expression, so this site hooked me lol! I'll probably come back to it soon-ish, it's cute and convenient, especially compared to other blogging spaces that exist without needing to code a website yourself-