Halloween Issue 2022

Creature Feature Zine

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Next, pop off to Mayor Bones Pumpking Festival!

Visitors are encouraged to submit their own Pumpkin as well to signal their favorite creation.

However, the server is only up during Halloween, and then it will be gone! At least till next year

First off go trick or treating on the Halloween Websurfer

brought to you by the yesterweb !

Hey all you Ghouls,Ghosts and Goblins. Halloween is right around the corner, you might be wondering was is the best way to experience it on the web?

Well, your dear uncle Ghastly has couple of suggestions:

Looking for some game suggestions? This Curated Game Collection as a couple of Games to check out

How about some old school scary movies? Well the Internet Archive has got you covered

Of course there´s also the official Scooby Doo Marathon

Lastly no virtual Halloween Party is complete without some tunes on Halloween Radio!

But if you already have your own playlist why not install an old school media player?

Just make sure to get a creepy skin to get into the spirit of things

There you have it, with these tips, you can enjoy a fun Halloween.

Happy Haunting!

This Issue was Brought to you by Creature Feature

Everytime you click on the buttom you get to visit a random halloween site.

Depending on where you land on, you could get a site full of webgoodies to bring with you.

Maybe a spooky story, or heck some Halloween recipes.

This year, Creature Feature is proud to be a part of this project. So if you managed to stumble on my page,

say Hi

First post

I guess some introductions are in order

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Greetings I´m Ghastly

I´m the Proud Owner of a Website Called Creature Feature and a blog called The Ghastly Gamer

I often talk about monsters, cool animals, videogames and photography there


Pronouns: He/They


Studied: Environmental Sciences

Skills/Hobbies: Photography, Bird Watching, Horror movies, doodling, doing game reviews

Fave Animals: Bats, Birds and Bugs

Fave Monster: The VAMPIRE



I like the idea of a place where I can make online collages, and who knows maybe a zine of sorts for my site.

Virtual Scrapbooking what a concept