Methods of Power Generation

A series on know and speculative methods.

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Pika Power ⤴

We have created a lot of ways to make power, some very traditional and some that feel like they are out of a sci-fi movie. This is an overview of how you can think about the scale of power we use with some deeper dives into each method of generation.

What is a Kilowatt Hour?

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster



Wave power

Solar power



Each method of energy production will get its own separate article to avoid this post becoming too long. Now for how we generate power, each week I will add a link to the below examples. Click the or name to read the article.

What is Entropy ?

References in for the Interim

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From Discourse on Sustainability from IxD 5 Course

First, some terms and numbers to give some context for the different ways to generate power. These are going to be most helpful in the later articles over the coming weeks.

Since each article will take a bit of time to complete, here are some other places you could start your climate edu journey.

Scientists at Drawdown have a very comprehensive list of what we could do to replace our current energy infrastructure. The crazy thing is many of them are highly profitable to undertake and yet they are not being deployed at scale. 

I found my self frequently thinking "ok well what have we tried " and found Losing Earth to have the best summery of the last 50 years fo climate policy.

"Whenever you hear “kilowatt,” think “house.” “Gigawatt,” think “city.” A hundred or more gigawatts, think “big country.”"

Great for deep dives on policy ⤵

Good for understanding what currently being worked on

The entire book is FREE to!

We have fixed a similar issue before with the ozone!

If you want to follow along with my research on natural systems and climate I just started a newsletter called Ökohaus and will be posting all articles in Multiverse and there as well.