it was a lovely walk

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we saw some old friends today. we walked behind them. they couldn't see us.

the path forked. they turned left, into the trees, oblivious to our existence. they didn't know who we were. but we remembered when we were them.

when we took our first steps into a world that didn't exist yet. walking side by side, stepping delicately, but with the gentle courage from having a person you can be silent with when the world is loud.

we didn't know it was the beginning, only that it was new.

we didn't know we were young, only how it felt to be young. the softness of our faces, new faces, new eyes, but never strangers. just two old friends, waiting for our moment

we didn't know it was just a moment.

we visited this world today, this familiar world we built together. we pointed out the landmarks, long settled into the spaces they now occupy. remembering when the space was empty.

the path forked. we turned right, walking side by side into the sunset. walking slowly, with the gentle comfort of having a person who knows what others will never see.

not knowing where we'll end up, only that it's time to enter new spaces. new eyes, new faces that will become familiar.

knowing our walk is ending, but taking the long way back

knowing it was only a moment

and what a beautiful moment it was.

you'll always be my best friend.