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ive been going thru this site called stumbled for days now...just looking for fun sites, and i found this. i've never done blogging, and i dont even know what i would blog about, but this site is too cute to not use..so hello,!! i guess ill do an introduction

hello, my name is nico, and i am 18 turning 19 in just a week or so :D,,. feb 5. i am very into reading and drawing, sometimes writing. i also like studying lol...i plan on learning more languages than english and spanish, but everytime i try to start another i feel like i lose my proficiency in my first two lolol...but languages are beautiful and fun. i want to at least learn japanese and korean, then maybe if i have the brain capacity i will go on to more. i struggle with typiing n even speaking tho so i apologize if i make errors n typos...typos are especially frequent.

i struggle with a lot mentally, so maybe i will use this as a sort of diary since its anonymous and pretty and free! pretty journals are expensive haha.

my biggest comfort in life is my cat...iron man. he is so pretty, pretty grey cat with green eyes and hes very antisocial and scared of people, but very sweet and he doesnt really enjoy cuddling but he likes sleeping near me at all times. even now, as im typiing this he is sleeping at my feet. hes so precious, i truly adore him so much. i rescued him as a baby in my abuelos backyard, he was very weak and sick and had a lot of parasites in his tummy...he gets parasites still, i dont know why, but there is a deworming medicine that works very well so its ok i guess. i just hope he lives a long life with me.

my comfort character is cinnamoroll. i was actually going to make this cinnamoroll themed, but i wanted to kinda make it look like aged paper because cinna seems too pastel for me. idk. maybe ill try it out anyways.

this is pretty long already, so i will continue. lol.

i enjoy a lot of music, but mainly metal. my favorites are numetal and black metal, my current #1 group would be celtic frost, with slipknot a close second. i hope i can find more friends who like metal, but some metalheads are kinda scary. lol.. the few i met tho werent too bad.

some musicians i also recommend arent all the same genre, but i still like to listen to them. like cradle of filth, kittie, gurldoll, shinsei kamattechan, babuchan, elita, and many more. i dont really listen to many songs from different artists, my playlists either have like 2 songs from 1 artist or all their songs. lol. my spotify is x__xyayyy if u would like to see what i listen to.

oh, i completely forgot lol...i honestly dont mind what pronouns u use for me, most of my friends use he/him for me but they/them and she/her are ok to use as well... i am super confused on my gender and sexuality both, lol. but lets just say i am nonbinary and bisexual.

i hope i dont forget to use this website llol. i am super forgetful person...

that is all. thank u if u read this. i hope everyone is safe and well