I should introduce myself ig.

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Hiiya. Name's Kate. Am trans. 19 y/o. Pronouns are she/her.

I like Skyrim very much. I have thousands of hours in the game across all the different versions. I'm also really into the lore of the whole Elder Scrolls Universe. I think it's peak fantasy.

I love Castle, The Mentalist, The Librarians, Warehouse 13 and Star Trek Picard. My favorite character in all these shows is Detective Kate Beckett, she was the reason behind me picking Kate as my name.

My favorite characters in all TV Shows ever in existence are Frost and Snow from the CW TV Show The Flash. They're both played by Danielle Panabaker and I'm obsessed with them both. It's the only reason why I've stuck around for 9 seasons and the reason why I've watched the show countless times.

As Far as music is concerned, I listen to all types of genres but i mainly love Alt Z and Metal. But the holy trinity is:

UPSAHL- My faves are MoneyOnMyMind, People I don't Like and Lady Jesus.

ELLISE- My faves are Bubblegum Brain, Did it Hurt? and Black Balloons

BANSHEE- My faves are I WAS NEVER YOURS, Fuck with a Witch and Death of a Preadator.

Anyways if anyone wanna talk find me on discord at : optiQuan 3247

or simply @optiquan on every other social media.