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I luv2 play roblox a lot! It's one of my favorite games ^__^

Speeking of games.. theres a lot of games on roblox....!!! let me share my favorite ones ,,,

my name is Solan!,! online alias is Randomist >!!!

I do many things... like drawing... playing video games.... listening 2 music... :T

I'm a HUGEEE nerd when it comes2 my interests... I could literally talk 4 hoURSSS and not get bored xD

nevur used this site b4 so... I'm gonna use it now!!!


These games proooobably have sum theme 2 them... **cough coughz.. Killin ppl xD**

Here r sum of tha games I used2 play back in the day!!!

Murder Mystery 2

Buuuut... I like other games too!!! Especially the less kill-y ones O_o

There's way more ofc, but these r sum of my favorites from those times!!! ^_^

KAT (Knife Ability Test)

Breaking Point

I guess that's what this site is 4 LOL

(there's mi profile :3)

now... TIME 4 MUSIC!!!

I Disagree is SUCH A GOOD ALBUM GRAHHH... 2me it isn't my absolute favorite...that title goes2 I Disagree (more) ;3

This album is like... hrrmm.. I wouldn't say it was my introduction 2 poppy but it was one of the albums that made me click to her!

I Disagree (More) was the thing that made me SNAP XD

The album is a continuation of the firstI Disagree and it's just a musical MASTERPIECE... I will never ever get tired of it!!! >_<

Excluding nyan cat hangout!!

I Disagree and I Disagree (more) both by Poppy!!

Burn Pygmalion is LITERALLY LIKE LISTENING TO HEAVEN... it's one of the greatest things known to man and my second favorite album to ever exist. The Scary jokes is so underrated you have no idea.

Although it isn't my introduction to Liz's music it IS the album that made me click to their work :3

Burn Pygmalion!!! and Retinal Bloom both by The Scary Jokes!!

Retinal Bloom isn't out yet, but what we got to listen to so far from this album is absolutely ANAZING...!!!1

When I get the chance to buy this album physically I ABSOLUTELY WILL!!! And I absolutely won't regret X3

I thinkkkk I will end it here ^_^ I've spoken so much already I won't have any room to talk about anything else O_o

Soooo... that's it for this post!!! I'll definitely talk sum more later but this blog post is a wrap!!!

(I dunno how2 end this so have a Derpy Hooves with a Nintendo Switch ^__^)