Best wishes, regenko

good morning starshine the earth says hello!

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Hello world!

look at this cute deer I met...

wowZee! so cute

I´m an artist btw

I drew myself cuz thats what i do X)

I´m autistic so I´m into all kinds of silly stuff like aliens, mlp, illustration, and the old internet! I love how this website is formatted and I cant wait to make some cool stuff :)

Right now at this second, I have been picking up an interest in wolves and forest life...I think that's because I´ve rewatched the Twilight Saga. Regardless I find forests fascinating. I hope to visit an open forest sanctuary soon so I´ll probs be taking pictures and making art related to that.

see you soon.

I can really go on forever about my many interests but I should probably save them for future posts