Lolita dress in rose garden

I went photo shooting with photographer.

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Hello ~

In early June, I went to Rose garden at Sanjose with the photographer.

It was actually my first time to go photoshopping in a lolita dress

Lolita dress- especially this "Hime lolita" style which is like a princess dress full of frills is opposed to my everyday fashion

so its little bit of shame to share pics to my real friends lol

Model: @ruruka0v0

Photo: Komei Harada

I'm a cosplayer and lolita fashion lover.

I'm really excited to use Multiverse! I love that this is so creative!

I posed like a ballerina!

Thank you for my mum to let me in ballet school when I was 4!

I could feel like I'm a ballerina.

It was a really fun experience.

And I didn't know there is such a nice rose garden in Sanjose!

It was already the end of the season. I'd like to go again next year with cosplay!