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hello!! welcome ! idk what 2 call thiz but hi im sonic! sonic the hedgehog! i am 14 y/o and i uze they/them prnz!

more abt me !!

oh and,, i am psychosis

i have adhd n ocd

and im alzo dyzlexic,

zo plz b nice thnx u :3

i rlly rlly liek webcore n internetcore !!! i luv 2 surf the internet 4 old webzitez that iz ztill available n ztuffz hehe

i alzo liek glitchcore, kidcore, weirdcore, dreamcore, nostalgiacore etc!!

i liek vocaloid!!! and i dont hav any favz i <3 all of em

for more stuffz, i zuggezt checking out my spacehey or my neocities webzite!!

or rentry or carrd, too ! :p

spacehey ;

neocities ;

rentry ;

carrd ;


hiii!!! :33

13-16 = u can interact!

17+ = dependz

18+ = dependz-izh (preferably dni)


im childish

i make puns sometimes

i talk in 3rd person sometimez

i uze typing quirk if u culdnt tell :3

i misspell a lot

i cant ztay ztill or focuz well

i can get paranoid or anxiouz eazily


im alzo taken by 2 amaing people!!!! i <3 them zm

basic dni criteria (homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, etc)

ur eggman

blocked by me, my friendz and / or my belovedz

claimed 2 b me

that zeemz 2 b it

i hope we can get along!!!!