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Hello reader...

I think

Actually, I know I am.

I've been doing research for a text adventure game that I'd like to make once I'm finished building a tool that I've been slowly piecing together for making text based games with a heavy focus on sound design.

I'm hoping it will be easy to play the games via mobile as well since the main actionable words can be hovered over to reveal the possible actions.

But anyway... I said I'm a witch...

I've been reading books about witchcraft throughout history to research for a witchy game I'd like to make next, and I started watching videos from youtube witches. I was struck by a concept that many of them talk about; the intentions behind spells. I started to see it line up with how I've always wanted to feel when meditating, which usually just feels too connected to a type of religion. But with spellcraft as a form of focusing intent, I felt like I could finally make these moments my own.

I've started making my own kombucha tea spells to focus my intentions both while brewing, and while drinking. I'd like to share them with friends eventually.

The last spell I did for first fermentation was focused on the power of the Maumee River near my house, and as I felt it coursing through me, the candle flame danced madly and I was brought to tears. I've never felt such a profound connection to the world around me with any other practice.

Anyway, maybe should be a witch too.

I'm a witch