Compost Site Log 002

You hear every sound twice out here.

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You hear every sound out here twice. It enters your ears, at the same time flies through the air, bounces off this structure, and reenters. Not every sound, though. Only the lower frequencies with long wavelengths, or louder high frequencies.

When I first park and shut my car door, it slaps back to me a second time. I open up my backseat door, sit down, put on my work shoes, put on sunscreen. I get up and shut the door, and this building slaps it back to me.

While I work out here, I've been sifting through a lot of creative ideas. This is what I was hoping for in this job. I'm loving the farm vibes and the physical labor, but I mostly wanted a job that wouldn't use up my creative ideas, but replenish and support them.

I've been curating an interactive art exhibition about the internet, highlighting projects that focus on serving people something that actually has them in mind, instead of making tons of money for some corporation. And also projects that are interested in the environmental sustainability of the web.

I'm working on building a solar server out here at the compost site that will collect data about the compost piles using various censors. The data will be uploaded to a spreadsheet that can be accessed for all sorts of uses. Mostly, I want to use the data to generate an adaptive music piece. It'll hopefully connect people to the piles in an emotional way, through the sonifcation of its breakdown process.

Anyway, that's all for this log. <3