this is my Spring, said goose

Maumee River (English) Taawaawa Siipiiwi (Myaamia)

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Yesterday, on my walk by the Maumee River to the local coffee shop, I came upon a goose. Normally, the geese around here ignore me, but this one seemed extra intent on claiming this first real day of Spring. It hissed at me, even stepping forward a bit. I said "Okay. Can I walk over here? I'm just trying to pass." Stepping off the sidewalk and down the human-made ridge that helps keep the river from flooding the nearby neighborhood, I made my way around it as it rotated its head to show me its tongue. I looked around to see if anyone on their porches witnessed the small moment. Let you, reader, be a witness.

I then made my way down the stretch of sidewalk along the river, only to see a few more geese in the distance. One was pecking away at something it found to eat in the grass, while the other kept guard. Like before, this one hissed at me. I sidestepped and gave it a respectful distance on this nice spring morning.