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I love the James Webb Telescope

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I ended up finding a good pfp!

I've always loved the james webb telescope

I mean.. just look at it!!!

It's actually the best thing I've ever seen. These are only a couple pictures from them but i encourage you to go look up images the james webb telescope took. Their breathtaking dude, I absolutely adore them.

Probably not gonna be able to hold up to that,, if they find out im using this they may ban the site

In other news, I'm still only making posts in school, I'm thinking maybe like.. a post a day?? Idk :]

It's so good and for what??



I'm sorry that the link isnt

linking when i figure out

how to do it

I'll edit this

I saw that one post talking about how they liked asmr, and i looked into it a bit and now I'm listening to keyboard asmr. Specifically this ceramic keycap one...