An intergalactic adventure!

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I was in an airplane when I started reading the book, and got completely hooked because the story is pretty fast paced and the science is interesting! Even though I don't understand it fully (and I'm an engineer lol) I still understood the basic concepts.

The best part was aliens and alien worlds! And the sciency stuff that Andy creates to make it all logical and compelling at the same time! It really fits together nicely.

Here's the cover for people who are into covers!

It's by the same author of The Martian which I also liked.

Hi friends! I recently completed a book, a whole book! Would you believe that? It's name is Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir and I really liked it. It's hard to talk about the book without giving away some spoilers :(( but I promise to not reveal anything that might spoil the fun of reading. The book is about a guy waking up in a room, not knowing anything. From a series of observations and experiments he discovers he's in a spaceship!! 🚀🚀