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I put myself in a box.


My other-blaming voice shouts: Society puts me in a box.



* no. of persons + some "influential" people's thoughts =


But hey, no, I always have a choice. Knowledge is power, in a way that we can see things from different lights and break through the box. No one is making me do what I do, which I call fortunate.




everything seems to be a box, when i see them in a lens of boxes.

My parents' house where i currently live,

my laptop screen,

the kitchen island,

and playgrounds.





My self-blaming voice shouts: I seem to be always starting things without wrapping things perfectly. It seems to be a great weakness of mine.

Another weakness is that sometimes I say sorry too much, communicate ineffectively, and do not have the longevity when it comes to self-discipline.

First step is to recognize them. At least I have my foot in the door to see myself clearly.

I started to think about boxes.

I want to start a series of paintings and sculpture on boxes.

when I think in boxes: digital & physical

even the bean to bar chocolates that I am currently obsessed are in these really beautifully designed boxes.

open me

I am on that journey to find my box and the boxes in it.

On the other hand, boxes might be limiting, but I still need a box to hold my true self. A box that holds and molds my identity.

the environment may enforce boxes. Race, gender, social status, values, and all the "should"s.

my box may not look like this.

yet among distracting noises,

I forget to be who i am

I want to be firm with the pure human part of myself

Out of all the stuff i made in 2020, this one remains to be my favorite painting. It was the breaking out of the box idea that birthed this. But I began to lose that courage slowly.

when i think in boxes: others & myself

side note: at least most cookwares that I love using to make food are circular.



rice cooker,

slow cooker,

and bowls.

All accepting different ingredients to come together.

when i think in boxes: people & systems