Multiverse Tips & Tricks

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I've written a few things using Multiverse now and I wanna start a document with my best tips and tricks :) I'll update this as I learn more and as the multiverse evolves.


If you're looking for good stickers to use on your writing, check out the Giphy sticker search. It's as easy as changing the link to have a `-sticker` on the end of it: ->

These gifs all have transparent backgrounds and look nice on here!

Links & basic styling

I wanted an easy way to do links in Multiverse blocks, so I put together a small bookmarklet to handle that. The bookmarklet will convert a highlighted text box into some HTML and place it on your clipboard - then you can just highlight all the text in the original block and replace it by pasting. You can do markdown links and basic styles like italics and bold.

To get the bookmarklet, visit the page below and drag the link below to your Bookmarks Bar.

Don't know markdown? No worries, just check out this cheat-sheet! It's pretty simple :)

Markdown Cheatsheet

More to come!