Hello (from the other side)

Introductory post? Introductory post.

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Okay, so how do I do this.

I'm a butch lesbian in my mid-twenties.

Any pronouns are a-okay.

So, hi there. I'm lost for now, giving up the captivating fast media addiction isn't easy. But I'll try to stick around.

And if I do - you can expect some musings, some gayness, some gushing about my characters and some of me being REALLY weak towards strong fictional women covered in blood.

But mainly and primarily I am, admittedly, someone chasing the high of being a teenager new to the internet.

I know I'm an adult. I work, I do taxes and stuff.

But I also realize that I lost an important piece of myself when I traded the wild curious web I knew for the convenient professional one.

Especially since I failed to keep it professional anyway.

Somewhat of an artist, somewhat of a writer.

A type who hyperfixates on stuff, for better or for worse.

I have universes of my own making which I neglect and dreams I can never quite catch.

Hi. I am Alex.

Which is a generic name (I say so with love), so I took on the nickname of AlExDee. You know? 'Cause XD? I think it's clever, idk. Cringy ex-teens, rise up.

Wanna be friends? ^^