My Introduction

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The first thing I have to share about myself, is this picture of a Capybara. This is my favorite animal because I saw one in the sewers one time and I didn't know what it was. After learning about it I really started to like it and be more interested in it.

One important characteristic about them is their adaptability.

Hello! My name is Haniah and i'm 18.

I value improving myself, creativity, and making good contributions which are some of the reasons I'm here.

I joined this site to honestly express myself creatively and share my art, things that I've learned, general thoughts and just about anything. I'm also working on my writing skills while making sure I have fun. I'm writing and creating here with positive intention for myself and anyone who comes across my posts.

I'm really excited for this and I believe that the positivity I'm giving, I will receive as well!