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Hey guys, it's Welchia. You know, the weird person who used to post here ever so often?

Haha. I'm back. Again.

Well, if you don't know me, I might as well introduce myself properly.

I go by the name Welchia (except for SUPER specific situations like talking to me on my irl account, please use my real name it's awkward for you to call me Welchia)

I have quite an obsession with quantum mechanics and particle physics..

My main hobby is drawing, I like to draw a lot, even at school.

I am in the Countryhumans fandom.

I do NOT ship countries.

If you are part of the Countryhumans fandom, feel free to talk to me!! I'm kinda bored anyway and I would like to share my unrealistic, bizarre headcanons. I mostly focus on overseas territories and underrated countries, but you can talk to me about anything ch related!~

If you're not in the fandom but you wanna talk to me, that's also fine! I don't mind anyway :3

(I don't know how to do links deal with it.)