My silly introduction

Because we gotta start somewhere

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Hello world!

Name's noriaki gingerbrave but you can refer to me as just Noriaki or cybermare

Me trying to think of something to write right now ->

I am very bad at writting about myself but ill try

I mainly like mostly just crawl around community and not talk much, a lurker if you will

I am multi fandom, this includes stuff like

Loveweb [AKA the purple pony's media source]

Object shows [Mainly HFJone but im open for recommendations]

I am questioning [Possibly Pansexual] and I use any pronouns

I have trouble reading big chunks of text combined together and prefer images over text

As some examples, but these may change overtime due to me being very changing of my interests

Sorry for this being so short, but thank you for reading

And I also have terrible memory, this causes situations like I forgot who you are due to you changing profile picture, so please be a dear and remind me or tell me in advance if possible

My dni are just the regular dni criteria

I always have trouble writing long things