quick march journals

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and just like that, we're onto march


haha remembered nanoreno is in march, considering trying to speedlearn ren'py but last week of school was not a fun time so trying to balance learning how to and creating a visual novel in the month with school sounds like an idea i should probably not try


while i told myself yesterday nanoreno was not a good idea rn, my brain came up w an actually decent idea for a quick visual novel that wouldn't be that long/complicated in terms of story while still having enough difference from the players choices-- i think i'll try to start learning ren'py and start on the draft for the script, but i'm not going to try and rush to finish in time for the challenge.



back to cold weather and school,, finished up the about page for my neocities, at least! :D working on a bunch of character designs for the game and editing some of the basic stuff of the ren'py code. realized this visual novel will be mostly dialogue, which is definitely the part of writing i am the most uncomfortable with--- hopefully this'll give me a good chance to improve at it, though

unrelatedly, the weather today has been super nice!! it's the perfect temperature, not cold and not warm, i spent a decent amount of time outside today! :D

would b swell if my brain could decide on literally anything. if i don't hang out w people, i get really sad, but when i hang out w people i overthink things to the point where i feel sick, which makes any social interaction kind of suck.