end of march diaries

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it's been a bit since i've posted here.

my motivation in general has been going up and down throughout the month. i had a stretch where i was posting daily, nice and motivated to get my work done. then my brain caught up to me and i got to the point where i felt like nothing i did was good enough.




i've been checking in on the site on a regular basis, but haven't been motivated enough to actually write anything for myself. (perhaps because i usually check it while at school, and all my gifs/imgs are on my home pc?)

this usually happens when i get really into a new piece of media and i start comparing myself to the professional level art and sometimes even the fanart. because my brain hates me, i got into three different things at once (started watching vtubers again, witch hat atelier, and sonny boy). but the cycle ends with me hyping myself up enough to try and study those new artists and get closer to their level, and i get motivated for a while until the whole thing happens again.

last day of march! hhhhgh my teachers all decided we needed excessive amounts of homework because break is almost here or smthn so my head is currently in the constant state of ache.

haven't got ayato yet, but i did finally get yunjin! didn't need c3 of her tho :/ the chasm has been pretty fun to explore though! i'm just really tired these days, i barely play genshin for more than an hour, and haven't finished art for the last couple days.

the asynchronous javascript class has reached the point where i don't really understand what i'm doing. ended up just giving up on the final part of the code for the assignment due yesterday so i could turn it in on time.

i just want to sleep.

2022/04/09 - finally added all the gifs/imgs, procrastinated way too long on that lol

i've been playing genshin a lot recently, though i can feel the burnout coming. at least i'll have more time to draw when it happens. ayato's banner is coming out tonight! i saved up enough primogems for two ten pulls, which probably isn't enough, unless i get the same luck i get with baal (both times her banner was out i got her on my 11th pull, which was cool the first time, but not the second time since i wanted one of the four-stars on the banner).

i recently designed a new character for funo-shika, the old fumi leader! decided i needed to make it clearer who the real villain was (iliou) so we had to make the guy actually committing the crimes have mother issues.

yesterday i started trying to remix a utena track into more of a breakcore vibe, idk anything about audio-editing so it's going pretty slowly, but i like it so far. breakcore, at least from what i get of it, is kind of like anti-music, so making it sound good is kind of the opposite of what i want. dunno if i'll finish it, but trying new things is always fun.