(intro post or smthn)

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(if u want to talk to me abt rgu, svsss, or literally anything else, message me on discord at frandszk#3722 !! i hate talking to people but uhh i'm trying to change that)

things i like in no particular order:

- conlangs, language learning

- world building :DD

- black tea, weird tea cups


- minecraft, rhythm games

- pixel art, ms paint

yoo hi! i've been lurking around this site appreciating the customizable posts and decided it was finally time to make an account--

i'm frandszk (fran for short) a hs sophmore who likes web design and trashy sci-fi novels! i spend most of my time drawing and crying about revolutionary girl utena (i use they/them and zey/zem btw!)

not sure how consistent i'll be when posting here, but it seems really cool and i look forward to spending more time here!

(all these doodles r by me btw, except this icon, which is from summon night!!)