In the beginning, we waved at each other

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I used to put a lot of pressure on myself,

thinking that every second not spent working is a waste of time

I still think this way,

then I made friends like @kicks and @wombleman!

to let the joy and curiosity overcome me

to undress some of the expectations others have imposed on me

and they taught me to see the world from a different angle




its part arrogance, part stubbornness,

I'm not sure if it's a curse or a blessing

I am very opinionated and think we deserve a better internet

this is a very long winded way of saying

i want to take some time to capture how this all started

cuz it's a special one, for both kicks and i

there are many ways to :wave hello: on the internet

it all started with comic / collage posts

sliding through the tunnel of posts that we've each composed


and talked

and hung out

this was the first prototype kicks built

and made stuff to surprise each other

based on this >

(along with knowledge/experience from all the comic/collage stuff we've made over the past few months)

then it all snow-balled from there on

And while we are here, these are some of the other early sketches

kinda ugly and wacky, i know

you can blame me for this!

as you can tell by now,

Kicks had written up the part of the story here

this is only part of the story

this is one way!

we invited each other to our garage

and as always,

more to come!

(a lot of the discussions around Multiverse happens via scrapchatting)