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heya people of the internet. i may or may not have ended my life. yeah so i did i thing that might absoltely slaughtered but im sure itll be fine. these kinds of things work out.

i was listening to ricky jamaraz's music and thinking about how he's a sixteen year old kid who just started making music. my family (well, my dad) is musically inclined and he wrote his own music and he's been trying to convince me to start writing my own stuff. i think it might be really fun and cool if i do actually, but i don't know how to lyrics and i don't know how to play the instruments i'd want for the song. i currently only know how to play piano and want to learn guitar and drums. my dad's been telling me he'll teach me to play guitar but idk it just because a million times harder to learn something when your father is teaching it.

yeah so maybe ill write a song and maybe ill learn guitar and maybe ill do all these cool things but not right now

bye now, i guess



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i don't really know how to start this but here we go. erm, today wasnt the best day ever, but it wasnt the worse, ig. i was having a pretty ok day until when i was at my locker, a kid (who i dont know that well but he's my friend's friend and sometimes he just around) shouts at me, 'youre a woman' (i am transmasc nonbinary and use they/them). i kinda sit there, and ignore him, hoping he was talking to someone else, but, no, course he wasn't. what's worse is when i turned around he was with my friend who was smiling and laughing at me. oog. doesn't really feel that good but i suck it up and just go to lunch because i am standing in the middle of a catholic school hallway with racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and probably a million other phobics and ists.

idk, im trying not to let it ruin my day, but dude i cannot wait to graduate.

uh, im almost finished with The Heartbreak Bakery, the main character is struggling and sad and its making me sad. im probably gonna make some more buttons for my bag... maybe like... QSMP or Lovejoy or Genloss buttons... that'd be nice. speaking of Generation Loss, i saw the announcement for the Founder's Cut which is coming super soon!! did anyone else see that? im super excited :D

i finished the sketches for the first four pages of my new comic, Heaven's Gate! It's not digital, and there isnt really a way for anyone to read it unless you know me irl, but maybe ill make a digital version when (if) i finish it.

i think that'll be it for now, i think ill show off some art of the Heaven's Gate characters if i feel so inclined.

see ya later, internet.

heya, website

im new around these parts

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woaaahhhhh i dont know what im doin'! A friend sent this to me and now im hopping on the cool fun blog train. what do people normally blog about? i can blog about books..? im reading The Heartbreak Bakery (the same friend that showed me this website let me borrow it). the book's about an agender baker (syd) who accidently makes breakup brownies because syd's girlfriend decided the relationship wasn't working out. and now everyone that eats the brownies starts breaking up with their partners. whoops!! yeah it's pretty good so far :)

hey this could be used like a comic or story that's updated weekly or something. that's pretty neat!!

after investigation i have realized there is a whole section for introducing yourself so i will do just that. soo, hi, you can call me juice, i use they/them pronouns and... i like drawing and stories and making stories except i dont make very good stories :(

im still figuring out what im going to use this blog for, but im sure ill figure it out :D

hm im tired and i need to work on that comic i said i was going to make and have only made one page of so im gonna call it a day, mysterious website i need to figure out how to navigate. byee