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sorry if it’s a bit eyesore-y

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and then it stopped working. which convinced me to make my presence known once it went back up. hello all

this is me irl!

i've known about this site for a while and i have visited it a few times before, but i never actually got to share anything because i found no interest in doing so

i'm really into neil cicierega, vintage tech, (old) horror, science, death, and cats ^_^

these are my main interests

MOVIES: re-animator and bride of re-animator

ARTISTS: lemon demon, abba, sweet trip

MUSIC GENRES: new wave, post punk, jazz

SHOWS: gravity falls, new kids on the rock

GAMES: tetris, minecraft, portal, faith

i cant guarantee that this site will have my utmost attention, but i really do like it here. maybe i'll update my page once at the end of each month? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

i am 16 at the time of writing this and i hope to be a paranormal investigator in the future. i read, write and draw as a hobby. i enjoy baking and i have a distaste for peas.

you can find me on discord @spinsvi or on tumblr @hubriswest! i also have spacehey :3c --->