Good Pages: A Journaling Mental Care Tip I use

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So in my night routine I write in my journal 3 different categories with 3 items in each. "Successes" of the Day, "Goodies" from the day and "What I received" in the day. And I call them Good Pages because it's an entire page filled with different categories of goodness from the day.

Daily Successes are any good thing I did in anyway that day, doesn't matter how big or small. I write a bullet point next to that area. So it would look like this: *Shower *Drink Water instead of juice after lunch *Wave to bus driver

So I call them goodies, just because I like the word but also because there is always goodies within every day. They aren't even hiding we just need to point them out. And the more you point them out the more I believe your brain will automatically be able to see them, I think this is also another good practice to keep you mindful of the moments in your day, because eventually you will start to notice these moments when they happen. Personally when I sit down to write at then end of the day, I can remember a good list of things. If you have trouble remembering good things in the day at the end, try to think about what you did that day and think "around" the activity. Think about before, during and after that activity, was there any good moments?

"What I Received Today" is basically just writing down what you received that day, it can have monetary value specifically or something you received in your life again no matter how big or small. I would put a + or if it has monetary value then I would put a $ after the plus, and I would write Thank you, because when you receive something the normal thing to say is thank you lol. So here is an example: +$Cute Pen Set Gift from Sister...Thank You! +Makeshift Hamper for my Room...Thank you! +$Dollar I found on the ground...Thank You!

I call them successes because we succeed in something everyday, we succeed in waking up everyday even if we don't get out of bed. I think putting a special focus on the things you accomplish or do well everyday will train your brain to see more positively and more good that you already do. After doing this for a while I started to notice the times in the day I was stressed about something and it really overtook me in that moment, but now i'm here and i'm looking back on my day and seeing that that was just a moment. I won't always feel stressed in life, it's just a state of being that can and will change. Now i'm relaxed and looking at all the small success I did today. So positively focusing on things I did do today even if it doesn't include the big GOAL I wanted to get done in the day, helps to zoom out and notice the little things I do already in life. It also gives me perspective on my days, and moments in life, because there were a lot of times where not getting a big project done in the day stayed on my mind throughout the rest of the day and so mentally exhausted me because I was letting this drain my energy. As a result I skimmed over the little moments in my day and had a significantly worse time when I didn't even have to. But this practice helps me be more mindful of what I do and helps me zoom out and see that my day is made up of a lot of different success and accomplishments already. And I can write them down at the end of the day and leave them there in those moments in time. I did it, I wrote it down, I see that I did it, in that moment i'm happy I noticed I did these things and I can leave it in the past and go to bed.

So this would be the final product on my journal page:

*(Daily Success) :) (Goodie) +$ (What I Received)

So as you can see it doesn't always have to be receiving something from someone, you can even write down anything you bought for yourself, even if you had to buy it like soap. But it is something good you technically "RECEIVED" because it's now in your life so you would write it down. Like I wrote down a makeshift hamper, because if you don't have one and you make it, that is still something you received in your life. You get what I mean? I think this practice helps you see that you get a lot more in life than you think you do, and it shows your brain that as well. I think focusing on new additions in our life will bring more because our brain will start recognizing good new additions to our life and see it as a normal thing that is a part of our experience.

As I was writing this I noticed this system could use some work and mostly in parameters of specificity, LOL, but still I decided to share so if anyone wants to use it and tweak it for themselves they can. I hope you benefit greatly from it!

Daily Goodies are good things that happened in the day no matter how big or small. You can be as specific as you want. So here is an example, when I write it in my Journal i start with a smiley face: :) Saw a mother and her baby at the park :) New yt vid from my fav ytber today :) yummy leftover dinner