Learning to Prioritize Self Care

Prompt #2: Write about the idea of Self Care and what it means to you

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I'm starting to build a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. which also means stepping up my self care. Becoming balanced in my general self care in a way that is easy and sustainable for me. My goal is to be generally balanced in my life with this. By finding a simple system that works for me. And i've been working on how to do that better. In the past I really haven't good about it, but now i'm actually starting to learn how to sustain it better so I can live a generally healthy life.

There is a specific youtube channel i've been watching recently called Doctor Ben, I think he is a positive and cool guy and I like watching some of his short videos. He's mostly a fitness guy but he occasionally posts motivation/lifestyle vids. Here are some basic ones which are just generally good reminders:

The biggest thing I'm learning in practicing self care is time management and prioritizing. You need self discipline to keep these things up and to do things when you plan to so you can have the time to take care of yourself. It's challenging but I know when I figure it out I will be able to take good care of myself in whatever part of life i'm in, and it'll be a lifelong investment in myself.

A very important part of self care that i'm prioritizing as a permanent part of my life is at least 1 Hour of leisure time Daily. And this is a permanent part of my life because this isn't a reward for working or getting anything done, i'm treating this like an essential to my daily life, because it is. I need to be able to play and take my mind of of working or any stressors everyday with something specifically enjoyable. Non negotiable. So whether I complete all my work in the day or not, I will always have my 1 Hour of Leisure time.

When it comes to how I care for myself in the 3 Main Areas of physical health: Sleep, exercise and diet. I try to make it easy and enjoyable so I can keep it consistent. I'm still working on these but i'm a little clearer on what to do at least.

With Exercise I go for a brisk walk for 30 min a day. With sleep, I make a short and nice bedtime routine but also am very strict about my bedtime no matter what happened in the day. With dieting, I heard 2 good simple habits. 1: What can you add to a meal to make it healthier? 2: Cut down unnecessary sugar intake only. It doesn't have to be an entire diet switch, just a small lifestyle habit change.

These are the main things I like to do in my leisure time:

-Read a fictional Book: On the 4th Lockwood and Co. Book

-Watch a Kids Movie: BRAIN OFF, just enjoy some goofy nonsense or take in a positive message that is simple but true. + Eat a sweet treat.

-Sculpt with clay: My current hobby, i'm doing it more but I wanted to try it out as a hobby for a while now.