i (pump) multiverse.plus

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quick reasons on why multiverse is a based platform (so far.)

1. there's no follower model, mutuals all that silly stuff on other social media sites are gone! so you wont be jealous of other people for their followers and engagements compared to yours.

2. no one can like, reblog/reshare your posts from your account, and you essentially dont even know who and who hasnt viewed one of your posts. this avoids the common issue with social media users constantly trying to appease to an algorithym and become obsessed with engagement they start basing their worth onto that. people can just post post post and not give a damn about that because they dont give you a reason to give a damn about it in the first place~

3. the site is minimilistic, but not minimilistic to where it looks corporate. beautiful gradients, patterns, highlights, drop shadows, the freedom of moving text where you want, pictures where ever you want. gifs and being able to decorate those too??? seriously, i love it here.