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It is extremely interesting how we do not value health and energy while we have it. I know there have been times when I could get through the day without needing to sleep or lie down, but today is most definitively not one of them.

I have already taken an hour-long nap today and it's only 11. I'm still tired. (Really I shouldn't be at school at all, but alas, I've taken far too many days off.)

(Aha, you thought this was going to be at all deep or meaningful? no. i am just sick and grumpy about it.)

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I hadn't noticed the hyperlink feature, good pickup! I was wondering about that as well. I read through the post you linked and followed THAT link, and found:

...which seems to imply that HTML formatting is preserved when copy/pasting in, it's just not <em>explicitly</em> supported? Which is interesting.

(check the bottom)



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Does anyone know how to comment or start a thread? There are some in the about page, but I'm not sure if they're just experimental admins-only features for now or not.

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{this is mulder from the x files}

i noticed there was a section for introductory posts, so i decided to make one!




[this is my favourite muppet, gonzo]

i really love the magnus archives, the x files, and the muppets

as well as (of course) web development and fun projects like this one

this format is really cool and i hope to recommend it to my friends sometime :)

who is your favourite muppet?

hello! i'm neptune, or isaac. either works! i'm the webmaster of


(this is my 88x31 site button)

[this is where you can talk to me]

is anyone ever truly alone?

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i hope that this platform

helps draw others towards

The Small Web

and the ever-expanding space for personal creativity that comes with it.