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I've discovered this beautiful platform called Multiverse. I'm considering writing all of my journal posts like this from here on out, to be honest. It's fun and not too tricky to get the hang of - though it was a little frustrating at first. I kind of like how minimal the features are. It's definitely an upgrade from plain text.

It lets you export your posts as SVG or image, too, which is really neat. I like it. I might even start using this as my note-taking software, who knows?

Though I'd have to be connected to the internet all the time. Which is inconvenient.

I like how I can write asides to my main train of thought. My thoughts are non-linear, so it makes sense my blog would be too!

This has already replaced tumblr as my "thought-dump program of choice".

I hope some of you will join me on the Multiverse!

This makes me want to start a gif collection, to be honest. I've seen how others use gifs for some really beautiful posts.

Today was kind to me. I think I mentioned I've been having a Mental Illness Moment™ this week but luckily, two days at home without homework was enough to recover.

Next week is only three days - public holiday and athletics day, which I'll skip - and this weekend (tomorrow!!! posting this on Friday night :D) I'm having my two best friends over! I think I've mentioned N and Z before. We're going to watch The Muppets, and Stranger Things, and make things in my family's pottery studio.

Sidenote, we have a pottery studio! How cool is that!!!! a kiln and everything!!!!!!! it's my mums current interest

I feel so soft and relaxed. I'm listening to Queen at the moment - just the auto-generated(?) Spotify best-of playlist. It's nice. Every six months or so, I go through a phase where I pretty much <only> listen to Queen. It lasts like a week, and then I forget about them for another six months.. and currently I'm in that week. They often end up being my depression music - especially The Show Must Go On, My Best Friend and Friends Will Be Friends. The more I listen to them, the more I like them.

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy is also a Gender Euphoria Vibe.

I often think about famous historical LGBTQ people and wonder if, somehow, they know how loved they are. I don't think I believe in an afterlife, but I hope Oscar Wilde knows, somehow.

I hope Leelah Alcorn knows her legacy.

I hope there will come a time when we no longer live in fear, but I also hope we never forget who we have lost.

May they all rest in peace and strength.

It seems cliché and obvious, but I often find myself having feelings about queerness when listening to Queen. Maybe it's because of that disconnect I find myself mourning so often (that is, the tragedy of the AIDS crisis). Or maybe it's because so many of their songs have such strong queer sentiments (We Will Rock You comes to mind). Or maybe a combination?

When not listening to Queen today, I've been listening to Life on Mars? on repeat. Having an autism brain moment <3

As I type this, I'm listening to Radio Ga Ga.