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Reposting 18 and 19th stuff

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But I feel like this.

But now I'm happy as these gifs are funny and Lilo and Stich always make me smile. Or I like seeing small children suffer?

Its not raining but I want to feel

like this.

I was making a sh*tpost page on NeoCities and Hotglue but this seems way easier. Don't mind me, just rounding up everything I already did.


◾ I am feeling lots of feels right now and I am not 100% sure why. I had all sorts of grand plans but now I just slumping on my bed. 😭

◾ I read some articles on NFT environmental cost and now 😱

◾ I was reading personal journals/diaries on Neocities/homemade pages and it really hit me how much even modern personal blogs feel like they're trying to sell me something but these diaries felt like actual diaries. 🤯 Meanwhile this is just my not!Twitter.

◾ My feelings but on ( Sometimes I like to just drag and drop gifs. [I recreated this above quickly, very impressed!).


◾ I wonder if making a Dreamwidth would be more efficient, but I also don't really want to mess with blogging software. Guess I will find out. 🤷🏽

◾ Every year I trick myself that January I won't feel awful. Maybe I should just accept I am not feeling great and await the better seasons where I will go out and do more. Like why am I even stressing about when its slushy and gross out. I'm not going anywhere. 🌨️

◾ Despite this I am feeling really proud of myself right now. I am making going out a bit a regular thing. Nothing crazy, just running more errands and it's not scary anymore (I have agoraphobia and am working on it). It's nice to know I can be relied upon. 😁

◾ One day I will look into if I have autism (anxiety doctor recommended it) but I'm struggling just to see basic doctors on time. 😬

◾ Living with my mom is kind of weird. We used to fight a lot. It's even weirder as it's my house and "I am caring for her" even though she is actually doing pretty well and just doesn't handle living well alone. It's nice I guess. 🤷🏽

JR Signing off for now.