Multiverse Quivers and Shakes

Updates for the first half of April - groups, auto-save, getting organized

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A packet of Multiverse changes has arrived for you today 📨

First up - a reorganized view of your personal posts

Folders for 'published', 'unlisted', 'private' and 'draft' posts - organized by last edit

A post's address isn't final until you finish the draft

Posts now auto-save while you edit them - even new posts that you are drafting

Also notice that the address bar will change as you edit the title of the post - reflecting the final URL for the post

The 'share' menu on every post also will now let you share images (for emailing or posting to chat)

SVG export is for embedding in your blog - to give you selectable text. (And links - once we bring those back.) 😇

(As a hack right now - you can copy and paste hypertext from elsewhere and dump it in a textbox. Multiverse does some HTML cleanup - but it should be fine.)

Oh btw - need an invite to the Discord?

Oh and check out our new groups!

We're starting out with three groups for sharing your comic logs

Don't be shy posting to our 'dont look at this' group! It's a trashcan - put messy experiments you want in there. NO ONE WILL LOOK AT IT

Post your worst frame styles, my friends - do your worst

More on its way this week

We love seeing what you do in Mv

- kicks & weiwei