Small Updates Rolling Around

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You all on fire around here.

Glitchyowl and I pass links to all these posts and just marvel - monochrome magic from lie and massive art dump from local anomaly, so much inspiration

Making some composer tweaks to fix the bugs

Changing your username is coming with the next batch. Probably the number one frustration for people at the moment.

Bigger plans in the future - just not ready to push em up yet

Totally understand - want you to have the names you want.

Been an eventful summer - even glitchy o and I haven't had much time to talk

But finding more time now - also have two live scrapchats in the works for September.

From here:

Oh just want to say that Multiverse was originally glitchyowl's concept - she pulled me aside to explain it - and the name was hers and all that. We're straight-up 50/50 on creating this thing - both pouring time and thoughts and endless chats into it.

I imagine there's some confusion about that - but no way I could have done all of this - don't even look at it as 'mine' - more just stunned that I got to help!

We are so 50/50 that we just co-sign all these posts as one. On Multiverse, our pronoun is 'we'.

- kicks & gitchyowl

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Love the sweet sentiments here