Subtle Padding Changes

Yes, this makes for QUALITY multiversal news!

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We are so happy to bring you another box of haphazard news pixels.

Hopefully this is good timing in your life. If not, please don't read any of this. 😢

One issue was causing some corrupted (somewhat) images, which often led to missing stuff when exporting to an image.

We are mostly refining - lots of recent work in Safari.

We want text, images and these exports to be solid for you so we can safely move along to the next things.

ε=ε=┌( >_<)┘

You can now follow any person or group in your RSS reader - still need to make one for the /home page tho. ('All' activity;)

Highlights is a great page to keep up with once we launch!

We really want to get away from the 'walled garden' approach of so much of social media and to take the OPPOSITE approach with Multiverse!

And I think you can already see it - we want to give you all kinds of ways to export, import, syndicate and combine your creations here!

This is doesn't need to be groundbreaking - just a return to software as a tool for you. (Rather than the other way around.)

No need to screenshot this post to repost it somewhere. We've done that already for you.

We've had some great recent discussions on the 'outer web' discord on the topics of COMMENTS - and also FEED LAYOUT.

(Left.) A mockup of a possible magazine stack view of comic logs - a variation on /home - that Simon helped refine.

We are still looking for the right idea on these feeds.

Fortunately, giving you access to the RSS feeds means that you can choose to display posts however you want - in your own reader.


- kicks & weiwei

Okie - lots happening this month. (◕‿◕)