Never A Fuller Sky Ch. 1

Running Late

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Charlotte McKinsey was prim and proper; as one might say. But she was more than that. Not many people could keep up with her, both in intellect and the sheer amount of shit she could get done in a day. It's as if she were blessed in some way. However, this was not her day.

The taxi cab was late showing up to her condominium in River North, traffic was absolutely horrendous, and sleet was pouring in from the heavens unlike anything Charlotte had seen since moving to Chicago a couple years prior in 1975.

As the cab pulled in front of terminal one, without even looking, Charlotte threw a handful of cash towards the driver, grabbed her bag, and bolted out the door.

She turned around, looking directly at the cab driver as the confusion and just plain old fatigue covered his face like a demonic shadow.

She turned back around and left the driver sitting there for a minute before getting ushered to continue on with his day. Charlotte continued on herself into the airport and began running towards her gate. It was scheduled to take off ten minutes ago, but luckily for her they were still there.

Sprinting to her gate, her bag dragged behind her, tumbling back and fourth, never managing to actually stay on it's two wheels. Charlotte could care less.

She screamed some nonsense that no one at the gate or in the terminal could even understand, but it seemed like they got the point. As everyone either waited or got the hell out of her way.

After showing her ticket, she began to calm down a bit; she had made it. A few more steps and she would be in her seat. Finally.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, the calm did not last very long. As if her day wasn't rough enough, she finds out she is seated in the smoking section. At his point she knew her and her asthma had a rough four hours ahead of them.

Once settled into her seat she began to scan the passengers around her to get a lay of the land. There was a family with a child behind her. "Oh boy," she thought to herself. A couple older ladies who looked like they were having the time of their lives were across the aisle to her right. In front of them was an odd looking man, with another gentleman next to him who had a large scar across his face. She couldn't get a good look at the people directly in front of her and was too distraught when she walked to her seat to notice, but they were suspiciously quiet as everyone else bickered about.

Next to her was a woman around her age who greeted Charlotte politely as she took her seat. The woman introduced herself as Maggie, but didn't seem too interested in engaging in much of a conversation after that. This didn't bother Charlotte one bit. She settled in a bit with her inhaler, buckled up, and closed her eyes as she prepared herself for take off.

Shit! My jacket!

Fuck it.