Missing without action

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For the last month or so, I've been a bit MIA from the Interwebs.

I've been planning to write more about that (and still want to), but then I popped my head in here and saw so many new people posting to Multiverse.

It was wonderful to see.

And not just new people, but new posts that are beautiful and wonderfully creative.

What a delight.

Talk soon,



A Grub Collective

Join Me! Draw a Grub!

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Blog Post about Grubs

Good day!

Join me and try drawing a Grub and help me build out this collection!

The Original Grub

The New Grub

Synthesize Me

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Curious if anyone would actually be interested in seeing something like that around these parts?

I have this idea where I synthesize my Daily Notes on Roam on a weekly basis and publish them in some form or fashion with Multiverse.

Shoot me a note at [email protected] if anything like that might be interesting or just to shoot the shit.

What Dreams Are Made Of

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The sky is clear

I've finished last

The crows are near

I haven't moved in hours

I raise my glass

My beer is clear

My strength just runs and cowers

To money at Sears Tower

I'd find my way

That time has passed


it could be far more dour.

One time I thought

Snyder Stairs Haiku

An Obsession Continues Across Formats

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Walking up the stairs

Music thunders over steps

Because my obsession knows no bounds. The Snyder Stairs. In Haiku.

I have studied them to the edge of the earth and I've poured over every second for an indeterminable amount of time.

I've given everything I have to these ~~infamous~~ Stairs.

At this point, I feel comfortable calling myself the world's foremost expert on said Stairs.

Now Brought To You By:


Six full seconds of Super Hero's walking up a metal stair case.

We only get to see one flight but there are numerous flights! At least ten! That means they were going at this pace for !¡!¡!¡at least!¡!¡!¡ SIXTY SECONDS!



Lets just take our time.




If only our indebted hero's could hear the thundering soundtrack as their boots echo against the cold, metal steps.


Although I've studied these steps, I've yet to discover their true meaning. However, I vow to do everything in my power to uncover the truth. It will NOT elude me for long. I am getting close. I can feel it. And the Warner Bros. Van that has been watching my every move from across the street will NOT prevent me from continuing my research.

I'm on to you Mr. Snyder!



Zack Snyder, Multiverse, and the Stairs themselves have no knowledge of this and are unwilling participants/victims to my studious endeavors.

Just Pasting Today's Roam Note

A Test

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Format from Roam pastes a bit odd over here.

I don't know this would ever be an actual use case for me, but it could be interesting.

So each parent bullet is it's own paragrah here and any child bullets come through as being part of the same paragraph (okay since this isn't an outliner, obviously,) but then no space is left between the period and first letter of the next sentence (or bullet) (not okay).

Been almost two weeks since I've touched this or Roam for any kind of note-taking...Assuming people who check around these parts mostly dropped off at this point, but I think I might be going back to Roam. I've been thinking a lot about over this time and miss it.Every time I see someone mention Obsidian vs Roam it's always "outliners are stupid for this type of thing, which makes obsidian better" and I'm always thinking I NEED the outliner. It makes things so easy and frictionless and I don't understand why people struggle to write in paragraphs in Roam. Like just do it.Price point still kills me though. But if I get this job that I'm in the middle of scheduling final interviews for next week, it won't be a problem.

First thing first though, I want to use my blog more and even more like may be I do here, but part of that will be creating a new RSS feed where not everything flows to Want it to be a bit more siloed like here or TiddlyWiki.Will still have the main posts and "important" (whatever that means) micro posts flow to RSS and But random thoughts won't go out to any feed.

Been playing a ton with both [[Multiverse]] and [[Kinopio]] today.Trying to figure out how I am going to use everything now that I am considering being back here for notes and such.Toying around with the idea of copying everything from a Roam day, pasting into Multiverse and playing around with it there to publish elsewhere.Just did that into a Kinopio Journal space. Not sure what the point would really be. I see Kinopio as a place when I have something in mind I want to tinker with. Where this is more free flowing random notes.

And I know logging everythign like my media diet might be dumb. But I love it and miss it.And Roam seems to be slowly getting better on mobile for easy logging.I considered Kinopio for this, but it's too much friction and not as good at looking stuff up. Although it is so much more fun to use.

Multiverse Wishlist

Plan on keeping this updated…

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When under the drafts section of My Universe, clicking it should bring me to edit mode. I shouldn't have to hit the ... menu and select Edit Post.

Copy was a wonderful first step, but I'd like to be able to use frames with my individual text objects in a post and then easily use the same frames across different posts as well. So the above light green and purple shadowed frame would, in theory, be easily replicated to my next post.

General ease of use/quality of life improvements where everything works as expected (i.e. resizing images).

Update so I can "Add to Homescreen" as a mobile web app with icon.

Frames within Frames

My Universe -> Drafts -> Edit

Mobile Improvements

It doesn't appear captions are actually used when viewing a post. I'd like them to.

Caption Visibility

I know this is getting discussed and the first few groups were great to get the ball rolling.

Additional groups and being able to create groups would be great. I'm thinking of both public and private Groups where only permissioned people can post and also open groups.

How to build conversations within groups i.e. hypertext conversations. Maybe a way to delineate between conversations/responses from posts within a group.


Easy way to move layers up and down so some objects can't get lost behind other objects.

Layer Levels

I'm not one who will ever give up their blog, but I'm thinking of how can Multiverse feel more like a home where you come to in order to write stuff and display that stuff like it were a blog.

Obviously some of that is starting with profiles.

Jack toying with the idea of putting his Daily Notes here which he uses TiddlyWiki for got me thinking about it. This really isn't the right tool for that type of thing, but taking steps to make capture easy with it would be interesting.

Feeling at Home

oldest (on top) to newest (on bottom)

Reorganizing a post is really tough. If I come back in and want to add an image in the middle of the post, I have to individually move every object down...

With that, given "Feeling at Home", I'm generally composing outside of Multiverse. Having a way to paste stuff in and split it between separate text objects so they can easily be moved around (and then be able to apply different frames 😉) would be killer. It would be great if I could've composed this in Roam, copy and paste the whole sheet and then easily apply the green frames to headers and split out the rest of the text.

Shuffling the Deck

It should say "export options" but I liked the typo so I kept it.

Anywho... I'd like to be able to export without my name badge sometimes. It sounds like Multiverse is very into "decentralized" and will encourage posting creations elsewhere, like my blog. If I post on my blog, I don't necessarily need the name tag.

Last Updated: //20210428//

Esport Options

Can't believe I didn't think of this sooner.

I think I remember seeing Kicks say it was going to get added and one of Kicks posts has a link already, so it sounds like this is right around the corner, but I figured I'd add this anyways.

Format doesn't matter to me, but being able to have a nice, clean, clickable link will be lovely.


Good day to you, internet padawan.

Below are some things I'd like to see in Multiverse as it grows and grows and grows and grows. Disclaimer: a lot of this is half-baked or based on **vibes**.

I want to bring my typefaces from! Albertus Nova and TchigMono!

Or if you made them options for all I wouldn't be mad... already added both to my Roam now too! Talk about consistency.

(Also I copied links for those fonts into here... maybe they'll work...?

Typefaces Galore!

🧻 Words Come Together

A Haiku… maybe?

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Is this a haiku

or just some bad poetry?

Definitely both.

~Begin Preparations~

Grübbilōn Ch. 1

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I am the deathbringer. I am here to destroy your world. Prepare to experience pain and suffering on a scale you have never even dreamed was possible!

What a thrill that was.

It was just another Wednesday for Grübbilōn, the omnipotent world slayer of the Legionnaires from the planet Mitchudelerium (or MD.) Grübbilōn had conquered and destroyed over two million planets at this point, savoring each one more than the last. Their reign over MD has lasted more than any other previous ruler before them. While blood and conquering was truly in the blood of every being on the planet, the Legionnaires even more so, most rulers would tire or bore of conquering after a few hundred thousand planets. Not Grübbilōn. They thrived in turning subjects into slaves on planets far away; letting fire literally rain from the skies, igniting planets until their cores would overheat and explode into trillions of little rocks, floating around as warning signs to other planets in their respective galaxies that they would surely be next to meet their demise.

Today's planet, Slurro, was a bit trickier. It was a small planet on the outskirts of Transtiron, but they had more advanced science than any planet Grübbilōn had witnessed up to this point. MD was far from an advanced society in terms of science, but it didn't much matter given the overwhelming power that ran through the blood every beings body. And yet Slurro was still a bit of a challenge. It seemed they had a defense for every fireball and planet shattering blow from Grübbilōn. At times it felt as if Grübbilōn were doing little damage, if any, at all. All this did, however, was excite Grübbilōn, as the adrenaline flowed and strength built until they began to destroy mountains with little more effort than a flick of the wrist.

Given the advanced technology of Slurro, Grübbilōn decided it would be worth it to keep the planet around to serve the needs of Grübbilōn, the Legionnaires, and the planet, MD, as a whole. Once Slurro was decimated to the point nearing utter destruction, Grübbilōn called on the minions of MD to come and begin the process of turning it into a slave planet. And poof. Grübbilōn was back on MD.

Be gone already! I am trying to rest, not be bored to death from your constant jabbering and nonsensical thoughts of so called "reason and logic".

We only have a few hours left to prepare for Grübbilōn's next endeavor!!!

And so Grübbilōn began their slumber as their deputy left the Lair of Destruction and hurried back to the Hub where others were working hard on preparations for the next planet.

Grübbilōn is on another of their rage kicks and will kill us all if we can not get them to another planet to destroy tomorrow! Find me the easiest and quickest thing we can find that will be easy for them to toy with and destroy with ease. And do it now!

What do you mean a few hours?!?!?

Earth? What a dumb name. You are right, this sounds like the perfect place to destroy given our lack of preparation.

And so while Grübbilōn slept in their lair, the rest of the Legionnaires began preparation to send them to Earth in just a few short hours.

Well.... We have been saving a planet we thought was too easy...

You heard the deputy, everyone. Begin preparations for Earth immediately.

Well what is is?!?!? Make all the preparations now so we can get Grübbilōn there tomorrow to quench their bloodlust.

Yes, your majesty, what a success that was for Mitchudelerium. Wise decision not to blow Slurro into oblivion. We are busy preparing for next weeks endeavor now.

No! We will go tomorrow! I require more blood! Now! If I can not destroy a planet tomorrow I will destroy you and all of your loved ones! I expect everything to be ready when I wake up from my slumber.

To... Tomorrow...?

Do not make me say it once more!

Yes, your maj–

Oh No!


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Oh No!

Is there a limit on the number of frames

we can make?!?!?!?!

I lost my first frame after making a fifth... 😢

I admittedly, do not need this many, but was

having fun tinkering with them.



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Trying to figure out why I wouldn't just always use Multiverse to compose all blog posts. Can't think of any good reasons.


Words and stuff.

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Life can be fickle.

But we sit and we watch and we listen and we learn.

Not sure what will happen next, but there's only so much we can do.

At the mercy and whims of those above us.

Trying to find a footing and place in the world.


Dumb Little Gallery

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A Tale of Solar Opposites

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Well somebody should have told me!




Excuse me, but I need to see your manager. 

Umm... may I ask why...?



Yes, so how might I be of assistance. 





Nobody told me that I could watch the second season of Solar Opposites now!




*whispers* i told you he seemed like an idiot


No, actually you may not!

Umm... okay... I'll be right back...

*walks away to get manager*

I'd like to file a complaint. 

A Gallery Frame


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Because one extra frame for dialogue is not enough.

Was thinking this could be a good frame to have little galleries of designs and images.

It doesn't seem like you can adjust the size of the image though, at least on iOS (at least I haven't been able to grab the corner...)


And Frames And Frames

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Well... after talking to @glitchyowl about my desire to have some additional frames as options for text elements, I just had to go and make some more frames. 

I did notice text elements don't have the highlight option like Frames, which is a bit disappointing. 🥲

This frame was what I built to have as my dialogue frame moving forward and don't want to give up the green highlight at the top (with the light grey outline and blue shadow.)

Hello Multiverse

This is my first go at all of this jazz

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This feels like something that is probably much better suited for working on desktop, but so far I've done everything from my phone and have been surprised how well it's worked. 

Excited to keep playing around with this for both creating and see what gets done with it. Just like the vibe and look of it a ton and like the idea of maybe exporting bits as and posting them as microposts on my blog.