can u hear me?

giggles and kicks my feet heeheeheeheehee

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aagghh!!! this site is adorable!!!! i've been exploring the web for hours and i'm delighted with all the cool little spaces i've been finding!! the internet is so much cooler when you know what to look for...

my name is sunny, but you can call me whatever you'd like! i'm a student in canada and i spend a lot of time online. i think of myself as a very... eclectic person. i want to be someone like that, at least. i want to experience and enjoy lots and lots of things. i enjoy cyberpunk things, pretty colours, angel imagery, dreaming, cats and bunnies, good stories that make you think for a long time, magical girl anime, girly kei fashion, plushies and the ocean! i am tired of fitting myself into boxes. very very tired. i like liking things!!!!!!!!!

my username comes from a character i created a while ago. said character is named Nova, and has a blog that goes by the name LUMINOVA. the general aesthetic of this website and the way you create things reminded me a little bit of that... maybe i'll talk more about her later:p

if you're reading this, can i recommend you some songs? i always like finding new music.

dove - doll ver. (antihoney)

letter to the black world (frog96)

sting (stellar)

don't panic interlude (kitty)

pixel affection (yeule) ((my favourite artist!!))