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Orchid Girl -

Aztec Camera

Rainy Day -


Until I Drown -

Tears For Fears

Storms -

Fleetwood Mac

Simulation Swarm -

Big Thief

Hello Rain -

The Softies

My Favorite Rainy Day Songs

GOSH IT'S RAINING! I was gonna make this post yesterday but I got quite lazy. sleeping all day, STAYING HOME (thx Mama.), and not making up any school work!! anyway I LOVE the rain!... it's so calming to hear and see... when the sky turns grey and the ground dampens... only when I'm NOT at school. last time I was at school when it was raining none of my freaking friends showed up and I got sick AF (i still am. just a little). the day i was supposed to post this my dad found a slug in a box!!! very slimy. besides that, i've just been listening to my Epic Rain playlist and scouring pinterest (NOT gifcities. Frick you gifcities) for hours to find cute gifs!

anyway, a few days ago I went to the mall with my aunts and cousin... AND MY CUTE BABY COUSIN GOSH I LOVE HER. she is the cutest little baby ever and I don't even like babies... sorry. I got a freaking pretzel and I was like FEEDING HER MY PRETZEL AWWWSHHSH I love her... it was so funny tho I was asking her mom like how much should I give her and I rip off maybe the tiniest piece ever, like a piece you give to a cat... Very embarrassing. also she scratched my moms face LOLLL. honestly she's my motivation to want to learn to drive. I remember my aunt driving me to the mall and buying me ice blended's from coffee bean and tea leaf... I wanna do the same!! I'm too scared to even take the permit test but u know what ILL DO IT FOR HER. anyway we went to get her a build a bear and I was gonna get a TROLLS build a bear (poppy. my queen) but then I was like... maybe not. so I just got a TROLLS outfit with some cute converses for a bunny build a bear I already have... I always see cute aesthetic build a bears on Pinterest with like the cutest clothes and Im like OMG i need dat.

how i feel abt my baby cousin:

then we walk into claire's and my aunt's like, "do you want a piercing...?" and I just got. A THIRD LOBE PIERCING. that's why I love the mall you can just walk in with no thought of a piercing and walk out with holes in your ear. actually ironically on the drive there i was talking to my mom about how i wanted a nose piercing (that she promised me since LAST YEAR but whatever...) but i wasn't gonna mention the third lobe... also the (very, very sweet) lady who pierced my ears told me my helix piercing was messed up and she was like "...where did you get these done??" and i was likee, "lovisa :D" (the jewelry store right upstairs in the same mall) then she shows me hers and tells me that my piercer angled it wrong... whatever i don't even care... she gave me two lollipops (one of which i gave to my baby cousin UGH she's so cute) so... anyway i got silver STAR studs so cute. I was honestly like balling out that day with everyone paying for my stuff..... then we went to california pizza kitchen. I got the Thai crunch salad, low-key fire.

anyway that's my update... goodbye friends

Love, Angie

adventures in women's history


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hrggggggg Women's History check! god I am so behind in this class holy shit. (I know I said I wasn't gonna curse but IDGAF) I haven't even finished the packet from the last unit because i've been absent for two days then I FAILED the test for it like UGHHHHHHH. I still have to do it. now we have ANOTHER reader and. i'm not doing it RN. PLUS there's another assignment due tonight that I haven't even started on. and I just. there's too much damn work.

I told myself I'd "lock in", since i'm a JUNIOR and this is my second semester, and college... (I haven't thought about college once JESUS CHRIST. I always joke how I'm gonna move to India [I'm Indian.] and have a farm.. with cows. but because of my damn ap enviro science class I realize how much DAMN WORK it is to even start a farm. too much science and soil crap. anyway lots of pressure from adults. i'd be the fourth person in my entire family to go to college! crazy.) the most important one but I REALLY cannot bring myself to be motivated. IDK WHY. I think. I need like... medications or something. GENUINELY! idk how I would even bring that up to my mom... ugh.

also my teacher had like snacks for us and I had this cinnamon toast cereal bar... I want another one but these two kids are talking to the teacher and BLOCKING THEM like. and they're the only boys in my class too like Jesus Christ get a life HOE. anyway I'm listening to Signs by SNOOP DOGG and Justin T (branch from Trolls) and Charlie Wilson (from the freaking gap band hello). don't be young and foolish!

"i think I spent the dog food money... but he'll love me just the same."

Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain - Ween

GOSH I LOVE WEEN! I could've seen them live last year but had no ride, now they're on tour and the tickets are $200+??? they were NOT that much last year, wtf ween. Weinerrrrrr. dean ween gene group.

gif cities isn't working for some reason but if it was there would be lots of shiny big red hearts around this image

i'm now realizing my last post was so out of context. "wake up even though you said you'd wake up early" what. it was originally gonna have like the times of everything but then I was like Naw. so for context it was 7:20 am when I woke up. and I wanted to wake up at 7:00 am. I ALSO WOKE UP AT 7:20 AGAINNNNN UGH why. there are so many other inconsistencies because I did not proof read At All. My Bad lol......

class is over in 3 mins. threeeeeee. during these 3 minutes I would usually be reapplying my lipstick and stuff but. I left all my lip stuff in my jacket pocket at home!! UGH. my friend let me use some of hers at nut (nutrition). so dat was Gud. but still. Booiiiiiiiiiiii. okay 2 mins now Good Bai Multiverse.

so long,


A Day In The Life...

wake up wake up! it’s tha first of tha month…

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First period, american images: whenever i try to explain what this class is to anyone i simply just say: it's a photoshop class. and technically it is? but with american history incorporated?? idk. it doesn't matter. anyway, my teacher, out of the blue goes, "you guys want hot cocoa?" and gets these three girls (my opps but we won't talk about it here) to microwave water and hot cocoa mix....... it was buss lowkey :3c

Third period, women's history: we're back home! and by back home i mean (for context: my teacher recently left on maternity leave, thank god i hated her. also she named her baby something REALLY STUPID i wish i could say it but i won't. we have a sub until... march. some kid in this other history class... that has nothing to do with ours, broke his leg. since their class is in an upstairs building WE had to switch classrooms with them.) back to our normal classroom! our teacher revealed that he has a HOARD of snacks for us to eat. and water bottles. and plates..? which was used by one of my friends to cut their candy apple. it was rocky road flavor. 7/10.

oh and i did work. kinda. idk

Fourth period, instruments: GOD i hate that class. i feel like i'm always being treated like a child! that class is full of seniors who don't care. and juniors who don't care. and sophomores. and freshmen. I FEEL LIKE I'M IN A BARN! it's like the easiest rhythms ever JUST CLAPPING NO DAMN INSTRUMENTS. and my new student teacher is such a pushover. WHATEVER. and these annoying boys keep talking about soundcloud. i heard their songs, MAYBE IF THEY PAYED ATTENTION IN CLASS IT WOULD GOOD

Fifth period, A.P. Environmental Science: my teacher intentionally sat me next to this guy i like (like is a little too strong of a word. i just think... he happens to be cute. and also i know his middle name. but a friend who happens to be a teacher assistant for that class told me SO I'M NOT THE WEIRD ONE HERE. he just fits the standard of my type, i guess: light hair.) to take a test, but the last time i was sat next to him, i FAILED that test. so. i was also coughing a lot. so. sorry. also since we have to put our backpacks to the side i saw that he put his backpack next to mine WTF. stalkerrrr. Ahaha.

anyway. here's an outline of my day:

Second period, dance: my usual teacher wasn't there... she wasn't feeling well! our choreographer for our current dance WAS there though. he was teaching us formations today... which means we had to do our dance in the smallest (5-10 girls) groups EVER in front of everybody like UGH. i think i'm a bad dancer. or learner. idk. i'm too self conscious for this pls. anyway, when he was telling us where to go... he was grabbing me a lot? i wasn't really thinking too much about it until i saw that he wasn't touching ANYBODY else like that. just me. do i look like someone who doesn't know directions that much that i had to be grabbed in a certain way on my arm... or... Hm.

i think i'm a little paranoid of older men because of my mom. she always warns me of... things happening to girls like me. which is why she doesn't let me go to sleepovers! except she does now. which is Pawesome.

anyway i'm in the back for most of the dance. i really suck at it so maybe that's for the best. i'm in a class with girls on the dance team for crying out loud! what am i doing here.

Sixth period, A.P. Language: this whole week we were preparing a presentation on... this essay about education? i really do NOT care. anyway the night before i was really trying my best to get it done... thinking that we were gonna present the next day. but my teacher's like: ok guys some people have to make up a test from yesterday and also take these ap research surveys!! so the whole class was like silent for 30 mins and i was like: HELL YES I REALLY DIDN'T WANNA PRESENT. then she turns to this group and asks if they wanna present today and i'm like NOOOOOO TF. then she's like ok u guys can present second... who's going first you ask? OUR GROUP. jesus christ when i went up there it's like i had just seen that presentation for the first time. sorry group members.

IT'S FEBRUARY! i wanted to paint my nails red for the month but... i got lazy. ugh

somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bread...

trolls shirt i saw at thrift that maybe... i should've bought. Jk

vaquero by la dinastia has been in my head for this whole week IDK WHY. it's so good. but it's bad. IT'S BAD. (lyrically.) i shant be listening to something so Innapropiate.

song of the day:

james joint - rhianna

idk what to put here anymore. i dont have time for this wtf. i'm not that unemployed

Wtf is this

and then i went home to immediately rot in bed. yayayayay awesome rainy day! Thx if u read Boi Bai

Morning before: wake up even though you said you'd wake up early... use the bathroom... brush teeth until you puke... try to put in contacts even though they wouldn't stick... get dressed. feel like Sheinnn (i shall not curse. Sigh~)

go back to room to put on makeup... analyze your face... put on jewelry blah blah blah

wait for brother to finish getting ready even though mom says he's already ready. be frustrated

leave house to drive to school


this is Me.

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hi multiverse..!

i'll most likely be posting from school... since this site is unblocked on chromebooks, don't expect anything too fancy.

see you soon,


it'z angie. i joined this website because my BFF recommended it 2 me. hope it's Gud.

my current interest is... TROLLS. dear god i love trolls it's not even funny. no one gets it but oh my god the trolls franchise is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. it's all i ever talk about!! but i probably won't be posting about them LOWKEY! probs just daily life stuff and thoughts. if i feel like it. music is cool too... maybe i'll do songs of the day. i also like 2 draw... sometimes. AND CATS :3

(most recent colored drawing... Yeesh)