An Introduction (or whatever idk)

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Good evening, mortals....

sorry that's really cringe i won't do that again

...But yeah! Hi! I'm Moe (or Morgan, if you wanna use my real name)! I'm a wannabe goth living in Canada with a passion for film and art! I'm no good at art though and probably won't be for a while, but I still love art as a general concept.

My biggest obsession is probably horror media, but mainly surreal and psychological horror. I also really love animation, especially anime and stop motion. I'm actually trying to make stop motion shorts of my own at the moment, so I hope I can call myself an animator one day.

Not sure if anyone's gonna bother, but my twitter is @irlcronagoron (...cause I'm a massive crona kinnie) and my letterboxd also goes by MrsMoe! If you wanna contact directly me though, you should hit me up on discord. My username is MrsMoe#7860

I don't know exactly what I'm gonna write about, but this site looks pretty fun. I've always wanted a highly personalized webpage, but I'm too dumb to use neocities. I could probably learn coding if I really tried, but it seems so overwhelming to me. So yeah, this place seems like a good compromise.

Anyways, yeah! Glad to be here! Let's get spooky!