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I would consider myself as a neet. I

rarely go outside, even if I do, I

only go somewhere like grocery store.

I don't go to school as well. Hmm, I

should avoid topics that trigger me.

My daily life is plain and boring, I

wake up, browse the Internet, and

sleep. I isolate myself from the

society as a coping mechanism. People

are scary after all. And my tattered

heart can't hold pain anymore. My

shut-in life is peaceful recently

(it was chaotic cuz of my family).

i made 3 onigiri 4 u...

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picnic w me?

I'm afraid of change. I've felt depressed

for so long that I even find comfort in

it. It sounds weird for some people but

this makes sense to me. My flaws are the

reason why I'm here. If I become "normal"

I'm not able to express my negative

emotions. I'm afraid of happiness, it

feels like I'm floating and I don't know

when I'll fall and get hurt again. I

know life is full of up and down but

it's hard to live with this fragile soul.

It's okay, I'll keep surviving. ^_^

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Free cream puff 4 u

Hi. This is my first blog.

I tend to make things simple

so I don't get overwhelmed.

My name is nemu. I'm a minor.

I'm infp-t. English isn't my

first language so please

forgive any of my grammar

errors. ^_^

I'm currently having therapy.

There might be many dark and

depressed content.

Please be kind to me.

-Every image/gif in my blog

don't belong to me unless I

mentioned it's mine. I found

them on Pinterest.